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Here at Art Fabrics we want to partner with you to bring your textile dreams to life. With a combined backing of creative experience and state-of-the-art technology, our factory is churning out something very special, just for you.

Art Fabrics is a factory
at your fingertips!

Combining traditional dye techniques with cutting-edge printing technology, we make something truly unique: reactive fabric, printed on-demand and made accessible to dreamers everywhere!

  • Whether fabric is your livelihood or your hobby;
  • whether you’re a fashion designer;
  • quilter extraordinaire;
  • weekend sewist;
  • or slow fashion guru:

Our custom printed fabrics were developed with you in mind. To ensure we always provide you with the best, we’ve utilized the highest possible standard in textile decoration - digital printing on natural fabrics with reactive inks. With the ability to print millions of colours, the fabrics we print can be used for any project without compromise in feel or colour.

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Let us be the doers so you can be the dreamers!

Values : People, Creativity, Dedication.

While of course we love fabric and printing and making something extraordinary from something ordinary, our most core value is people.

We do what we do because we want to help resource your dreams. We therefore take our production that much more seriously, because we’re not just creating a product; we're working on the front lines of a production factory that was built for you, your goals and your dreams.

Without fail we treat every order as if it were our own! As makers ourselves, we understand the depth of intentionality and expectation behind each design and every print.

Our commitment is to always be proud of each print we send out the door, as if we had ordered it ourselves. When you order with us, we are your production shop, working for you to make your fabrics come to life.